VIGYA PAURUSH MOTION PICTURES is a film production company. Its objective is to provide more and more employment to the people, to provide them education and training on how to spend money, earn money, save money, made money, Raining money. So that they can became Capitalists. Which will be under the following headings. 1. To …

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is a film production company. Its objective is to provide more and more employment to the people, to provide them education and training on how to spend money, earn money, save money, made money, Raining money. So that they can became Capitalists. Which will be under the following headings.

1. To improve the external and internal appearance of people

2. To establishment ‘Democratic Capitalism’

3. To establish Distribution Justice

4. To treatment of people’s diseases

5. To provide employments livelihood, Food, Clothing and Houses to the people at low cost

1. To improve the external and internal appearance of people.
It is through the work done by people that their external and internal aspects emerge. And if we look at it according to a person's work, then his work can be divided into three parts. Village farming, city farming and metropolitan farming. 
There are farmers in village farming, whose income can be only in lakhs. Laborers, landlords and moneylenders also have a share in this income. And the biggest problem in the village is that the second crop cannot be harvested before three months.
City farming is better than village farming. The question is that everything is available in City/urban farming but there is no land, then where should farming be done? There are schools, colleges, mills, factories in the city, but if there is no land, then where should farming be done? This is the reason why village people can hardly survive in the city. To survive in the city, people will have to become marketers, salesmen, distributors, dealers, manufacturers. Here crops are harvested every minute, every hour, every day. And to be successful here, one has to pay more attention to team, target and communication.
If we have to leave village farming and farming in the city, then why not cultivate the metropolis farming? Because if you want to learn something then why not learn the best thing. Then it would be best to leave city farming and learn metropolitan farming. Because when we do farming in the city, our annual profit can only be in crores. but if we learn to farming in metropolis, our income reaches in billions. But for the farming in the metropolis, it is very important to have a production house. And it is important to have proper information about the land, laborers, crops, contractors, etc. Because here the land is the story and the workers are artists, the distributors are contractors. But the most special thing about farming in the metropolitan city is that the farming only one year's income continues throughout sixty year and so on.....
Serial no Farming of villageFarming of cityFarming of metro city
1Farmer( Income in Lack’s ) Manufacturers ( Income in Million’s) Producers ( Income in billion’s)
2Registry/ InherentRegistry/ InherentRegistry/ Inherent
6ForemanHole sellerCameraman
7KnightAgent’sAssistant Director’s
8Land lord’sDealerDirector’s
9Money LenderDistributer’sFinancer’s
10One crop’s in Three Month /Day /Hour /minute One time harvesting, up to sixty years cropping
11Seasonal employmentEvergreenRoyalty up to Sixty years

Employment Fairs
2. To establishment of democratic capitalism.
Democratic capitalism is a development in which the best form of governance and administration is reflected. To understand this democratic capitalism, we must first understand all three forms of governance. There are three types of governance. Monarchy, democracy, and democratic capitalism. In a monarchy, the king is at the top, below him are the priests, religion, scriptures, God, great men, soul and body, respectively. Whereas in a democracy, at the top are the Constitution, Head of State, MPs, MLAs, administrators, employees, citizens and person's respectively. And democratic capitalism also has the most wonderful constitution, under him the Head of state, capitalist, leader, salesman, marketer, consumer, citizen. The world is becoming globalized and we are still trapped in God, Priest, Religion, Ethology, Soul/Mind, Rebirth, Miracle. 
Serial noMonarchyRepublicDemocracy of Capitalist
2KingHead of stateHead of state
4ReligionMP’s/ MLA’sManufactures/ Producer

3. To establish distributive justice.
Distribution justice is the most important feature of the Indian Constitution. But no one has paid attention to this side. In fact, people's attention will go towards this side only when they study the Constitution in depth. So let us take you deeper into the Constitution. The supreme justice which is visible to all is natural justice. The second justice which is visible to others is religious justice. At number of three is the justice which is visible only to those who is wealthy, that is political justice. At number of fourth is the justice which is visible only to those without money, that is social justice. At number of five is the justice which is visible only to businessmen, that is economic justice, to achieve which they form organizations. And last but not least is distributive justice, which has been conceptualized in the Constitution but has not been implemented on the ground.
Nature has established distribution justice by dividing air, water, time, and atmosphere. Governments want to establish distribution justice by taking taxes from the rich and distributing them among the poor. But, no one is sharing the knowledge of how to become rich with poor's. And this is the goal of " VIGYA PAURUSH MOTION PICTURUSH ".
Serian noRevolutionJusticeEquality
5EconomicMoney KnowledgeEconomic
6Money KnowledgeCapital Knowledge Money
7Capital KnowledgeAsset KnowledgeEquality in Capital
8Asset’s KnowledgeProperty KnowledgeEquality in Asset’s
9Property KnowledgeSpecific KnowledgeEquality in Property

4. To the treatment of people's diseases.
The real disease of the people is not headache, body ache, cold, itching. Nor is it heart disease, cancer, lung disease, or brain disease. The real disease of the people is the disease of not being capital, the disease of not having money. This disease is the mother/father of all diseases. The treatment for this disease is to become a laborer, a servant's, a seller's, to become a Former/Manufacturer /producer, to become a Financer's, an investor, to become a Moneylender, to become a capitalist to become a Asset Holder, Property Holders. This is also the stair of becoming a Property Holder. Taking one of these is the treatment for this disease, where do you stand in this situation?

5. To provide employments livelihood, food, clothing and houses to the people at low cost.
The company found in the study that if people are provided employment then the price of their food, clothes and houses will automatically reduce. Because as the income increases, inflation starts increasing and as income decreases, the effect of inflation starts showing. Therefore, the company has selected such an area in which maximum employment is generated. And that field is the field of "film production".

Training Programmed of Company

The company wants to run its own training program for its students, actors and technicians. In fact, not just one or two but at least 300 actors, technicians and workers are required to make a film. And has to work with these people for at least six months. Every company needs a Trained employee. If you take training in our company then the company also provides you employment in its company.


1Associate5,000/-616Trainee Story Writer5,500/-631Laborer3,000/-1
2Stenographer6,000/-717Assistant script writer6,500/-732Servant4,000/-2
3Composer7,000/-718Assistant special effect7,500/-733Employee5,000/-3
4Driver8,000/-819Assistant gap writer8,500/-834Officer6,000/-4
5Fitter9,000/-820Assistant choreographer9,500/-835Salesman7,000/-5
6Tailor10,000/-921Assistant vfx editor10,500/-936Publisher8,000/-5
7Carpenter11,000/-922Assistant music composer11,500/-937Advertiser9,000/-6
8Operator12,000/-923Assistant dialogue writer 12,500/-938marketer10,000/-6
9Makeup man13,000/-1024Production Assistant13,500/-1039Branding11,000/-7
10Technician14,000/-1025Production Supervisor14,500/-1040Tradesman12,000/-7
11Supervisor15,000/-1226production Manager15,500/-1241Businessman13,000/-8
12Accountant16,000/-1227Assistant Camera Man16,500/-1242Manufacturer14,000/-8
13Manager17,000/-1428Assistant Director17,500/-1443Financer15,000/-9
14Editor18,000/-1629Assistant Producer18,500/-1644Investor16,000/-9
15Controller19,000/-1830Assistant Financer19,500/-1845Capital holder17,000/-10


1on joiningAssistant TraineesMoral training
2Business of 70,000/-TraineesInformation Training13%
3Promotion of 3 TraineesSenior TraineesSkill Training25%
4Promotion of 4 Senior TraineesChief TraineesDance /Acting Training36%
5Promotion of 5 Chief Trainees Assistant TrainersAssis. Role in documentary46%
6Promotion of 6 Assistant Trainers TrainersSenior Role in documentary55%
7Promotion of 7 TrainersSenior TrainersCorrector Role in documentary63%
8Promotion of 8 Senior TrainersChief TrainersMain Role in documentary70%
9Promotion of 9 Chief TraineesAssistant LeadersAssis. Role in Tally Film76%
10Promotion of 10 Assistant LeadersLeadersSenior Role in Tally Film81%
11Promotion of 11 LeadersSenior LeadersCorrector Role in Tally Film86%
12Promotion of 12 Senior LeadersChief LeadersMain Role in Tally Film89%
13Promotion of 13 Chief LeadersAssistant MentorsSenior Role in Feature Film94%
14Promotion of 14 Assistant MentorsMentorsCorrector Role in Feature Film99%
15Promotion of 15 MentorsSenior MentorsMain Role in Feature Film100%
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